Facilitation Expertise

With over two decades of facilitation, not only has Tathra seen and experienced the difference, when it happens and when it doesn’t, she has learned a few tricks that lean toward the happening. Her fuel comes from exploring the question ‘what do we know together?’ and asking the questions that lead a group toward their own answers.

Having worked with all manner of groups, corporate and community, harmonious and adversarial, she is highly skilled in meeting people where they’re at, creating a safe space to say what there is to be said, and balancing intended outcomes with agreed timelines.

Tathra also teaches facilitation skills and mentors new facilitators upon request.

You can get someone internal to facilitate. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, there are some advantages to getting someone with a fresh perspective and specific skills in working with groups to run the session for you. You get results that generate unexpected results when group wisdom is skillfully cultivated by a masterful facilitator.

What our Clients say

Tathra Facilitated a leadership workshop for us in 2014. Over the course of a few hours, she skillfully ensured that our new team learnt more about ourselves as individuals, forged relationships and built a bond to last whilst avoiding any cliche activities. Tathra is endowed with a powerful blend of intuitive sense, strategic awareness and a keen drive to deliver valuable outcomes for her clients. Tathra is highly personable and a pleasure to work with.
Justine Martini, Births, Deaths & Marriages
Tathra Street demonstrated great skill and sensitivity in her facilitation of a workshop for the OASES Graduate School. The group was at a crossroads and needed to have a robust discussion about the way forward. Tathra brought a quality of calm and alert presence to the room and was able to meet and hold the wide range of emotional expressions that emerged during the day. We were grateful for the professionalism and intelligence she brought as a facilitator.
Sarah Houseman, OASES Graduate School