To book Tathra

If you have an interest in working together, want to book me for coaching, speaking or workshops, see below for the best option. If you’re unsure, book an informal chat. If you can’t find a time that works, contact me to arrange a time that suits us both. The booking system is great but isn’t perfect.

Tathra and a client at a table with graffiti in the background. A woman with dark hair, a scarf and glasses is speaking. Tathra is listening, wearing a black leather jacket and purple t-shirt.

What’s important to you?

Having dedicated time to talk about things to an objective third party? Coaching can help clarify and illuminate more options or the best course of action.

What are other people saying about working with Tathra?

Working with Tathra in 2019 has empowered me to articulate my value and grow professionally.

Emma Lucia – Partnerships Director

I┬árecently completed a 12-week leadership development course with Tathra where we explored human-centred leadership and topics covering emotional, power, worldview and collective intelligences and how to integrate these to elevate one’s leadership thinking and performance. The way Tathra designed and delivered the course created an environment where the cohort was able to learn deeply and grow in a short amount of time. For me, it was the most influential and effective self-development course I’ve been a part of in my career.

Richard Mannix – Senior Hydrologist

I feel empowered

Leadership program participant (anonymous feedback)

Hands down, Tathra is the most engaging and extremely resourceful teacher that I encountered in the leadership space. She uses her empathy to guide people as individuals, allowing them to grow as a class and as a person.

Leanora Horne – Digital Product Manager
Tathra  with a microphone in hand, wearing a blue floral shirt, a necklace and glasses with clear rims. She was invited to speak to a business group in Werribee.

Tathra speaking at the Westend Business Hub