The book on human centred leadership is currently a manuscript, I need your help to get it edited and printed.

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From early civilisation the human experience of work was slavery, fiefdoms, kingdoms, etc. We have come a long way, yet sadly, many in the workforce feel they slave away and a well known Gallup statistic says that as much as three quarters of us are disengaged at work.

According to a LinkedIn study, the most common reason we leave our jobs is the manager. At the same time we have people with great technical proficiency being promoted to management without management training. With the desire to do good work being thwarted by well intentioned procedures and processes we often create a tension between the work and getting work done effectively and efficiently.

It’s an unfortunately common struggle for team leaders to get the best from our teams. This is exacerbated by the tension which is largely sourced by the old school style of management that is directive, transactional and reactionary.

Can you imagine how different our work life would be if we managed our teams with ease and inspired outcomes with a sense of empowerment? It would be a new paradigm in leadership. The possibilities of what our organisations could achieve is far reaching.

This book welcomes this new paradigm and outlines the skill-set and mindset as human-centred leadership. It will likely evolve and change shape, form and name. The name isn’t important, what matters is the change this book inspires. At worst the contents of this book will make a few people think and question the way things are. At best it will ignite a wave of empowered leadership that takes the power of leading teams into a whole new realm. Sparking new levels of engagement, productivity and efficiency, producing results previously unheard of in business, government and communities.

Many books have been written on the need for change in leadership styles, and this is not the only book on human-centred leadership. What you will find amid these pages is a practical exploration of the journey toward being a Human-Centred Leader.

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