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    What Our Collaborators Say

    Tathra initiated an informal community of practice for change managers within the Department of Justice. I watched Tathra attract diverse people to this network and successfully engage them in sharing knowledge and exploring fresh approaches to change and innovation in the workplace. Tathra impresses me as an inclusive, principled, creative, analytical (a rare combination) and thoughtful person. Tathra is someone who sees the big picture whilst remaining firmly grounded.
    Sarah McKinna, Careers Coach
    Tathra Street demonstrated great skill and sensitivity in her facilitation of a workshop for the OASES Graduate School. The group was at a crossroads and needed to have a robust discussion about the way forward. Tathra brought a quality of calm and alert presence to the room and was able to meet and hold the wide range of emotional expressions that emerged during the day. We were grateful for the professionalism and intelligence she brought as a facilitator.
    Sarah Houseman, Creative Consultant
    I have been working with Tathra for approximately 18 months now and found her approach allowing someone to solve their own problems to be unique and effective. Working on a range of scenarios from large group ideas generation, medium size group direction setting, and one on one sessions I am always impressed by how effective listening and the appropriately timed questions can enable someone to see things in a new light.
    Nick Eynon, Technical Services Design Manager