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This webinar is for non-indigenous people who want to understand their power and privilege and how to use them well in support of Aboriginal Sovereignty and Reconciliation. To create a peer learning environment where people feel free to speak about challenging topics, this webinar will not be recorded.

To find out more or register for this webinar, click here.

Stay tuned for future Power and Privilege Webinars on other themes such as anti-racism and gender discrimination. Or to find out about providing this for your group or team Contact Us.

Past Events

Giving and Receiving Feedback Workshop

WHAT – This half-day workshop is designed to increase your knowledge and confidence with feedback skills. Giving feedback skillfully with clarity and intention helps solidify professional relationships.

Learning to receive feedback in context is important. Especially when it’s not as skilful or well-intended as we’d like. This is part of healthy feedback-seeking behaviour that makes us more approachable and normalises the feedback conversations that prevent difficult conversations we avoid.

WHO – For professionals who know they can improve their feedback skills but not sure how to approach it due to bad experiences in the past either giving or receiving feedback or both. For those working with people that they communicate with as part of their role, with a desire to get more comfortable with giving and receiving feedback. If you’re looking for a safe environment to learn to improve your feedback skills, this is for you.

Get skilled at hearing feedback in context.

WHERE – Habitat Boardroom – 430 Fitzroy North (10 min tram ride north of the Melbourne CBD.)

WHEN – Tuesday 25 February 10am – 1pm

HOW MUCH – $199 Regular or $99 Earlybird until February 17.

Book now. (10 spaces available)

Professional Boundaries

Stay tuned for more details. March workshop dates announced soon.

Difficult Conversations

Stay tuned for more details. April workshop dates announced soon.

Leveraging Leadership Skills Series

Book all three for a discounted rate and receive a certificate of participation. This workshop series is specifically designed for impact and teachability. If you’re sick of office politics and exhausted by complaining and gossip choose this for your next professional development opportunity. The difference these skills can make on healthy workplace culture is sourced in an ability to equip you to engage and effectively build strong relationships with employees, employers and stakeholders.

Ticketing information coming soon.

The Blend Mastermind Group

A fresh approach to the mastermind for entrepreneurs who aim for impact and recognise their own limitations. If you’re looking for a safe environment to get real feedback on meaningful issues you face we create a high trust environment focused on mutual success. If you feel misunderstood, isolated and hunger for feedback that is constructive and encouraging this is for you.

Each session starts with a short meditation to get us centred. We each share a story about ourselves to get to know each other and build trust. Then we talk about what we’re dealing with in our business or life as it impacts our business. We acknowledge a sense of progress and take a short break before The Blender, our version of the hot seat. We spend time diving into an individual’s current challenge and workshop it as a peer group. The expertise in the room surfaces as the discussion progresses.

The group meets fortnightly in Fitzroy from 1-4pm and is open to guests until June. In July the group closes for the rest of the year to dive deep and focus on building strong bonds to enable honest feedback and refreshing straight talk. The pilot was run last year and had excellent feedback from participants who each found strong value in the time spent in the mastermind group.

The Blend is run by Tathra Street, leadership futurist, and Philippe Guichard, industrial designer for the triple bottom line, both entrepreneurs with a passion for business for good and a desire for depth in working with on our businesses. With so much pretense out there Tathra and Philippe wanted to provide an alternative to the hype and superficial approaches to supporting entrepreneurs. From this, The Blend was born.

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