Project Description

Finish the year feeling fantastic!

The Year End Acknowledgement brings out the best in your team by focusing on the achievements and challenges overcome in the past year. Identify the victories for 2015 as a foundation for the next year. Imagine what your team could accomplish in 2016!

This facilitated discussion gives rise to your team’s best traits and recognises the strengths they have to face any challenge they face.

Each team member gets a chance to identify their own and other’s highlights from the year and contribute to a collective understanding of the group’s accomplishments.

Book by October 30 and receive a complimentary 60 minute coaching session for you or any member of your team.

Case study:

CSL R&D team had a very challenging year, lots of demands on them causing significant stress and tensions. Through focusing on the achievements in the Year End Acknowledgement process, in the span of two hours they started out describing the previous 12 months as “It was a hard year”. In the span of two hours, their perspective of the year shifted to a team that had built strength and connectivity by successfully meeting the challenges of the year. They could see the increase in awareness the diversity of skills in the team, being able to know who to go to for help in specific areas and working together to achieve more in less time.

Mary Naspolous, Team Leader said “This is the best workshop we’ve ever done! Highlighting the achievements was valuable because it gave our team a chance to see how much we’ve grown, how the strengths have come through the challenges. We had a difficult group but it gave us a chance to bring out our soft skills and reflect on our accomplishments.”