Are you a Changemaker?

Is there a change you’re working toward? The Changemaker Project wants you!
I’m looking for people who are committed to making change in the world, it could be:

  •  any social justice issue or social cohesion initiative
  •  environmental sustainability
  •  wellbeing focused
  •  systems change
  •  using business as a force for good
  •  working with community organisations to have a positive impact

I want to talk to you, I’m essentially looking for people who are as keen to move humanity forward, as I am, to be part of my research project.

Starting In November 2017 I’ll be having conversations with Changemakers to find out about what helps, what hinders, how you relate to the change you’ve dedicated a good chunk of your life to.
It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as part of your work or voluntarily or some combination.

If you want more info about the Changemaker Project, know someone who fits or want to be part of it, email

What it involves:

  •  15-20 conversation via phone, Skype, zoom, etc.
  •  I’ll send the questions once we set up a time to talk.
  •  Willingness to honestly share your thoughts and experience in the pursuit of your desired change.

The conversation will not be recorded, but I will document responses to draw out themes for us all to learn from. I will publish the result in some form.

For many years as an environmental activist and then as an environmental consultant, I learned a lot about what inspires people to change and what doesn’t. As a result, I’ve got a lot of my own ideas about change-making, but that’s just my take on it. I aim to harvest the collective intelligence of change-making and learn from your experience.

To inform my perspective I’m doing the Changemaker Project to gather info that will help us as changemakers be more effective. Because now more than ever, we need effective change-making.

I wonder if how we’ve done it in the past isn’t what’s called for today, perhaps it’s time for us to get creative and learn from each other. That’s the intention of this project, I’ll draw out the themes and publish it in some form so we can all learn from the results.

  • Have you been nominated by someone?
  • Want to be part of it?
  • Know someone who is a Changemaker I should talk to?

Contact Tathra.