Professional Development opportunities for your team to learn together. Each workshop is tailored to your team’s specific needs.

At least an hour is needed, three hours is recommended for greater immersion.

How much time do we spend on avoiding things we don’t know how to deal with?

Difficult Conversations

Reframing and skills building for courageous conversations 

  • Gain confidence working through issues what we tend to avoid.
  • Learn tools to help reframe the conversations to build trust and generate a positive outcome. 
  • Overcome fears of discomfort, awkwardness, and risks to damage relationships. 
  • Creating safety for difficult conversations.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

How to integrate regular feedback that is practical, meaningful and inspires achievement.

  • Knowing the right time to give feedback.
  • What is important about receiving feedback. 
  • What mindset and headspace is conducive to feedback. 
  • Listening for context and interpreting feedback.

Boundaries for Professionals 

Clarity on what’s ok and what’s not. 

  • Where is the line?
  • What happens when it gets crossed?
  • How do we foster appropriate behaviour?
  • Balancing diverse perspectives.
  • Adhering to accountability. 

To find out more, book in for an informal chat or contact us to discuss further.