Team Building

Finish the year feeling fantastic! The Year End Acknowledgement brings out the best in your team by focusing on the achievements and challenges overcome in the past year. Identify the victories for 2015 as a foundation for the next year. Imagine what your team could accomplish in 2016!

Professional Association

Two membership reviews over three years showed a significant increase in member satisfaction

Retaining Corporate Knowledge

Working with a forward facing project management company who sought an alternative to hiring externals to train staff when the knowledge exists internally.

Manufacturing Sector

Cultivating collective intelligence with a Technical Services team in the manufacturing sector.

Government Agency

Worked with the new leadership team of an established government agency. Provided team building to cultivate the wisdom of the group with those who have been with the agency for decades and those who had recently joined. Enabled the team to see their strengths and how they could assist each other to develop emerging talent. [...]

Future of Work

An emerging field to explore the bright future we can start to see if we only let go of the fear of what's to come.