KeepCup has become Australia’s best known re-useable cup, but it didn’t start that way.  The humble beginnings for this BCorp include a prototype in a shoebox on a bicycle. Founder and CEO Abigail Forsyth shares what she learned when starting the business, what kept her honest, what’s changed in the market re: the attitude toward disposable cups. She told us about what inspired her to question everything and how she plans to use her influence as a successful purpose-based business. With offices in UK and USA, and KeepCups being sold in 65 countries, it pays to stick to your principles! Join the #ReuseRevolution in #PlasticFreeJuly (especially if you’re a Star Wars fan). I still have the first KeepCup she gave me nearly 10 years ago! (Listener Survey invites your input.)

Resources Mentioned 

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