If you’re interested in communications, the impact it can have and what really makes humans happy, what inspires us to do what we don’t think is possible, getting those barriers out of the way and going for it, you will love my conversation with Kylee Fitzpatrick. She has created The Performance Code, Team Women Australia and is self-made woman.
She is a super switched on, high powered, yet down to earth human being who was a high achieving corporate exec who saw an opportunity to be more true to herself, making an exit, giving permission to others to do the same or similar, Kylee Fitzpatrick is a communications expert, modern storyteller, proud of her aboriginal heritage, someone who gives a shit but without being motivated by what you think of her.

Resources Mentioned

Kylee Fitzpatrick

Team Woman Austraila

Sheryl SandbergLean In

Simon Sinek – Start with Why

Robert Waldinger – TED talk 



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