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Highlights from the Working Smarter Summit so far…

By | February 22nd, 2017|Productivity, Self-Awareness, Small Business, Uncategorized|

Last night I watched 4 interviews with world class productivity experts, hosted by David Burkus as part of his Work Smarter Summit. The main thing I got from these thought leaders was not what I expected, that to be more productive, it helps to slow down. To think, to contemplate and consider and even question what we're doing instead of jumping into action. Dan Ariely on Motivation  We waste so much effort when we’re not motivated and when we’re happier we’re more productive. It helps to be aware of how much time we spend on things that don’t make [...]

TP 16: Fleassy Malay Speaks Up

By | February 22nd, 2017|Design, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Self-Awareness, Tall Poppy|

No stranger to the mic, Fleassy Malay speaks up about her relationship with fear and shame. A seasoned performer, she has inspired hundreds of people across the globe to find their voice, to speak their truth and to be courageous, vulnerable, passionate and honest. She runs Melbourne’s acclaimed Mother Tounge, spoken word poetry night and Speak Up a course offers a safe space to learn and develop public speaking skills. Her online course, Courageously Me encourages women to have the courage to prioritise themselves. She also inspired the name of this podcast. Resources Mentioned Fleassy's website Mother Tongue community on Facebook  [...]

TP 15: Lorraine Ngwenya – Youth Leadership

By | February 15th, 2017|Future, Leadership, Tall Poppy|

Lorraine Ngwengya is a speaker, advocate and entrepreneur. Based on her own experience, she's created a business with a mission to address the issue of youth unemployment. We talk about what it's like to be a leader at a young age, what she has learned along the way and what's more important than experience in looking for work. She recognises how different the job market is than it was for our parents and she sees opportunities to change how we approach youth unemployment. She shares her own journey to leadership and to starting her business, and the most important thing [...]

10 Tools I use to manage my work, life and biz.

By | February 13th, 2017|Productivity, Technology|

I don’t, by any stretch, have a perfect system. What I do have is a bunch of tools that make a huge difference and save me time and stress. This is what helps me work smarter, not harder. When it feels like life is so full and there’s scarcely time to do all there is to do, I’m grateful to the technology that puts my chaos into some semblance of order. With the Work Smarter Summit coming up, it felt fitting to share some of my systems and tools that I use to keep me sane, to help put [...]

TP 14: David Burkus – Work Smarter Summit

By | February 8th, 2017|Leadership, Tall Poppy|

What do we know about human behaviour, our ability to collaborate and lead teams? There is no shortage of advice, but what is it based on? David Burkus connects this advice to academic rigour to provide an evidence-based approach to leadership. Author of Under New Management and host of the Work Smarter Summit and the podcast Radio Free Leader. Our conversation explores the importance of finding what works for you and your team when inquiring into ways to work smarter not harder. If you're a bit overwhelmed with what you want to accomplish this year, this episode is for you. [...]

TP 13: Liz Blake – Deep Self Leadership

By | February 1st, 2017|Change, Coaching, Consulting, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Self-Awareness, Tall Poppy|

Liz Blake of Lateral Insights is a very accomplished leadership consultant and business mentor. She takes us into the depths of her own journey to understand her work, and how transformation can happen on a personal level and impact our whole lives, our work, our future, and ultimately our relationship with our selves and our world. That is, how leverage points in one area can have a ripple effect across our whole lives. Incorporating tools like Strengths Finder, Integrity and Values, and working with Emotional Intelligence to integrate with a range of intelligences resulting in clarity and authenticity. As someone who really walks her talk, she takes us through servant leadership and ultimately, [...]