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Humans Treat Eachother with Respect

By | August 29th, 2016|Blog Challenge, Future, Leadership|

ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 10 I imagine a world in which Human beings treat eachother with respect So that... Compassion is common. Incarceration is abolished as an archaic and ineffective practice. Restorative justice is regular practice. The need for police is drastically reduced. Non-violent communication techniques are taught in schools. Conflict resolution tools are commonly used to resolves disputes promptly and effectively. Families deal with issues to avoid the risk of weakening social bonds. Neighbours know and trust each other. Today, the daily news is filled with stories that represent deep disrespect for eachother. Conflict is the central core that our world seems to revolve around. [...]

Governments are adequately funded to deliver public value

By | August 27th, 2016|Blog Challenge, Future, Leadership|

ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 8 I imagine a world in which governments are adequately funded to deliver public value So that... • Hospitals can treat people when they need to be treated. • Health care systems focus on building relationships, strong communities and are an integrated system founded in social determinants of health • Prevention programs reduce the demand for acute care. • Public services roles such as teachers and police officers are paid in a way that reflects the benefit to society and attracts bright minds and caring professionals.  • Tax-payer funded services that we all rely on are provided in a way that we can [...]