This one is for the change managers and anyone involved in change making. Josie McLean of The Partnership shares the results of her research and turns change management on its head. She puts to rest many of the assumptions we make about organisational sustainability, workplace culture and the impact of imposing company values. This interview brings in mental models, systems thinking, a worldview that values interconnectedness and a human-centric perspective that embraces context, complexity, living systems and sustainability in it’s most ultimate form. Josie offers so much to ponder and really practical stuff around how to bring people management into the modern age and how to relate to change through creating an environment that inspires change rather than imposing it or company values from an isolated directive approach.

Resources Mentioned:

Dexter Dunphy
Ray Anderson
Reinventing Organisations by Fredrick LaLoux
Teal Management Article (summary of the book)
Integral Theory

Josie’s Model in PDF:



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