All Genders Feel Safe in Public Toilets

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 13 I imagine a world in which all genders feel safe in public toilets. So that... Women know that public toilets are a safe place for them to be. Men know it’s safe to use public toilets.  Transgendered people aren’t questioned when they use public toilets.  Gender diverse people are as safe as anyone else when they use public toilets.  In March 2016 North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use public toilets that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate, this caused an uproar that brought discrimination toward transgendered and [...]

We take Time to Rest, Reflect and Play

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 11 I imagine a world in which we take time to rest, reflect and play. So that... we are able to bring our best to our work when we are with family and the people in our lives that are important to us, we can be present. our learning about past actions can inform future actions. we enjoy this one wild and precious life to the fullest extent possible. In our modern world, work is prioritised over everything else. And when we get to the end of our life we wonder why we spent so much time working. Children learn that [...]

Humans Treat Eachother with Respect

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 10 I imagine a world in which Human beings treat eachother with respect So that... Compassion is common. Incarceration is abolished as an archaic and ineffective practice. Restorative justice is regular practice. The need for police is drastically reduced. Non-violent communication techniques are taught in schools. Conflict resolution tools are commonly used to resolves disputes promptly and effectively. Families deal with issues to avoid the risk of weakening social bonds. Neighbours know and trust each other. Today, the daily news is filled with stories that represent deep disrespect for eachother. Conflict is the central core that our world seems to revolve around. [...]

Governments are adequately funded to deliver public value

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 8 I imagine a world in which governments are adequately funded to deliver public value So that... • Hospitals can treat people when they need to be treated. • Health care systems focus on building relationships, strong communities and are an integrated system founded in social determinants of health • Prevention programs reduce the demand for acute care. • Public services roles such as teachers and police officers are paid in a way that reflects the benefit to society and attracts bright minds and caring professionals.  • Tax-payer funded services that we all rely on are provided in a way that we can [...]

Wisdom is Integral to Leadership

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ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 7 I imagine a world in which wisdom is integral to leadership. So that the decisions we make consider long-range implications, and come from a place of experience, knowledge and good judgement. If we made decisions with a broader range of our intelligences, not just our mental cognition, wise choices would be the natural result. When wisdom informs our acts of leadership, we open ourselves to dramatically different outcomes, ones that preserve the experience of the past while we forge our way into the future.   Today, short-term gain seems to be the foundation of many of the decisions [...]

Peace Begins at Home

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 2 I imagine a world in which peace begins at home. So that conflict resolution is a common occurrence, diffusing and preventing violence and the emotional scars that remain. So that families address conflict before it causes damage to hearts, minds and bodies. So that healthy discussion enables differences of opinion to co-exist as a matter of course. So that nation states focus on peaceful resolution of differences and unmet expectations.   Today,  35% of women globally, experience physical and/or sexual violence, primarily by their intimate partners. Children learn to deal with frustration and conflict using violence. It starts in [...]


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When I think about how the world is today, all the strife, the pain, distrust among us... The powers that be seem unable to make a difference. Attempts to address the problems seem absent. It's easy to feel sad, and even despair. I imagine a different world is possible. Business could occupy a very different space in society. There are lots of stereotypes about business and generalising about what it stands for. Currently, people don’t think of business as a place to get impartial advice or help. It’s seen as serving its own interests and willing to screw people [...]