ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 13

I imagine a world in which all genders feel safe in public toilets.

So that…

  • Women know that public toilets are a safe place for them to be.
  • Men know it’s safe to use public toilets. 
  • Transgendered people aren’t questioned when they use public toilets. 
  • Gender diverse people are as safe as anyone else when they use public toilets. 

In March 2016 North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use public toilets that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate, this caused an uproar that brought discrimination toward transgendered and non-gender conforming individuals to the surface. Another response was the increase in gender neutral toilets. 

If all genders felt safe in public toilets then …

  • Transgendered and gender diverse individuals might take their place in society as the regular human beings that they are.
  • We might even see how much we have to learn about how rigid our gender roles have been and how ridiculous it was to assign gender, even subtly to colours, food, toys, occupations, and domestic chores.
  • We might have a more equal and accepting society that values the diversity of gender that exists in our human population. 

Can you imagine?