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We use our Capacity to Know Beyond our Intellect

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 12 I imagine a world in which we use our capacity to know beyond our intellect So that... We incorporate our intuition, emotional intelligence and somatic wisdom into how we know what we know. Humans make wise decisions based on integrating all these ways of knowing. We develop our capacity to cultivate collective intelligence. Today we prize our brain as the ultimate source of knowing what we know. Recent research has shown that our hearts and abdomen have neural networks that ultimately constitute a second and third ‘brain’. We have been taught to distrust our emotions and even ‘emotional intelligence’ theory focuses on the [...]

We take Time to Rest, Reflect and Play

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 11 I imagine a world in which we take time to rest, reflect and play. So that... we are able to bring our best to our work when we are with family and the people in our lives that are important to us, we can be present. our learning about past actions can inform future actions. we enjoy this one wild and precious life to the fullest extent possible. In our modern world, work is prioritised over everything else. And when we get to the end of our life we wonder why we spent so much time working. Children learn that [...]

Humans Treat Eachother with Respect

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 10 I imagine a world in which Human beings treat eachother with respect So that... Compassion is common. Incarceration is abolished as an archaic and ineffective practice. Restorative justice is regular practice. The need for police is drastically reduced. Non-violent communication techniques are taught in schools. Conflict resolution tools are commonly used to resolves disputes promptly and effectively. Families deal with issues to avoid the risk of weakening social bonds. Neighbours know and trust each other. Today, the daily news is filled with stories that represent deep disrespect for eachother. Conflict is the central core that our world seems to revolve around. [...]

Learning is Lifelong and Encouraged at all Ages.

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 9 I imagine a world in which learning is lifelong and encouraged at all ages. So that: Schools welcome teachers and learners of all ages, Communities have a reciprocal teaching and learning ethos. Society develops with technological change and integrates greater levels of understanding our humanity. Our current thinking about learning is that it’s primarily the formal kind. The kind that involves sitting in a classroom using informative learning. This style confines us to the idea that learning comes from outside of us, from other’s who know more. In general, it negates our life experience [...]

Governments are adequately funded to deliver public value

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 8 I imagine a world in which governments are adequately funded to deliver public value So that... • Hospitals can treat people when they need to be treated. • Health care systems focus on building relationships, strong communities and are an integrated system founded in social determinants of health • Prevention programs reduce the demand for acute care. • Public services roles such as teachers and police officers are paid in a way that reflects the benefit to society and attracts bright minds and caring professionals.  • Tax-payer funded services that we all rely on are provided in a way that we can [...]

Wisdom is Integral to Leadership

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ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 7 I imagine a world in which wisdom is integral to leadership. So that the decisions we make consider long-range implications, and come from a place of experience, knowledge and good judgement. If we made decisions with a broader range of our intelligences, not just our mental cognition, wise choices would be the natural result. When wisdom informs our acts of leadership, we open ourselves to dramatically different outcomes, ones that preserve the experience of the past while we forge our way into the future.   Today, short-term gain seems to be the foundation of many of the decisions [...]

Vulnerability is Embraced as a Strength

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ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 6 I imagine a world in which Vulnerability is embraced as a strength So that we can ask for help without shame. So that showing emotion is recognised as an important human trait that is normal and natural. So that those who express emotion are respected and revered. So that raising a new idea is met with encouragement and curiosity. So that putting yourself out there as an artist, entrepreneur or free thinker isn’t so scary. Currently, our society regards vulnerability as a weakness. This makes asking for help, posing new ideas, and creative expression seem difficult and scary things to do. This prevents [...]

We Trust Ourselves

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ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 5 I imagine a world in which we trust ourselves. So that... We stop looking outside ourselves for answers and start relying on our selves because we have a deep connection to our sense of self. We can look in the mirror and experience a strong foundation of confidence and self-awareness. We feel grounded in our relationship with ourselves such that we have strong relationships with others in our families and communities. Today, we are forever second guessing our own intelligence, our own wisdom, looking to others, role models, the media, pop culture for [...]

Equality and Diversity are core social values

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 4 I imagine a world in which equality and diversity are core values in our society. So that... Gender is celebrated in a vast array of expression. Cultural differences are seen as a rich tapestry and not simply accepts different ways of being, in this world, diversity is encouraged and recognised as valuable. The idea of who you are is your prerogative, only minimally influenced by external ideals. People can wear what they want, children can play with a wide range of types of toys and our jobs are based on our [...]

We Take Responsibility for Collective Wellness

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ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 3   I imagine a world in which we take responsibility for collective wellness. So that... • We see the role we all play in our collective health, from physical to community to planetary. • We recognise the impact of our personal contribution to the macro and start by prioritising our personal wellbeing while giving care and attention to the big picture of wellness in our communities and on our planet.  • We improve our personal and planetary health, through a commitment to personal and planetary healing, and a recognition that they are [...]