ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 4
I imagine a world in which equality and diversity are core values in our society.
So that…
  • Gender is celebrated in a vast array of expression.
  • Cultural differences are seen as a rich tapestry and not simply accepts different ways of being, in this world, diversity is encouraged and recognised as valuable.
  • The idea of who you are is your prerogative, only minimally influenced by external ideals.
  • People can wear what they want, children can play with a wide range of types of toys and our jobs are based on our skills interests and abilities, not our gender, class or ethnicity.
  • So that we grow up unencumbered by rigid social expectations and are free to express ourselves to the fullest extent and are encouraged to pursue our hearts desires.
Today, sameness dominates. Homogeneity of culture and a rigid gender binary are the simplified memes and narrow boxes that a diverse and complex humanity is stuffed into. We barely notice things like the unnecessary gender assignment of colours, food, toys, clothing, domestic tasks, parenting, occupations… That is unless we don’t fit into the binary or resemble the so-called ‘norm’.
We have so much to learn from those who don’t fit into the narrow expressions of ‘acceptable’ gender or aren’t part of the dominant culture, yet their gifts are lost in marginalisation. Trans and gender non-conforming members of our society suffer abhorrent discrimination, are subject to violence and oppression that too often leads to depression, anxiety, self-loathing and suicide. Racism has a similar heartbreaking impact. Both of these forms of discrimination and oppression are socially sanctioned and operate on both overt and subtle levels.
Recent studies have shown that organisations with diverse workforces perform better financially.
If equality and diversity were core values in our society, then we might appreciate the different ways people look at the world, we might have diverse perspectives to draw on to solve complex problems, to express creativity in unimaginable mind-expanding ways, we might accept the diversity within our own selves, as well as the diversity we see around us
Can you imagine?