ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 5

I imagine a world in which we trust ourselves.
So that…
  • We stop looking outside ourselves for answers and start relying on our selves because we have a deep connection to our sense of self.
  • We can look in the mirror and experience a strong foundation of confidence and self-awareness.
  • We feel grounded in our relationship with ourselves such that we have strong relationships with others in our families and communities.
Today, we are forever second guessing our own intelligence, our own wisdom, looking to others, role models, the media, pop culture for how to be, how to look, how to feel. The self-doubt provokes angst and can pose a seemingly impenetrable barrier to our dreams, our expression and sometimes something as simple as what to have for lunch.
When we look outside ourselves for answers, we make decisions based on others standards, experiences, and preferences. When we trust ourselves, we might seek others opinions but will be more likely to be strong in our choices, and stand by the outcomes.
If, we trust ourselves, then we might be more fulfilled, more self-assured.
  • We would be reliant on ourselves for the answers we seek while balancing inquiry into what others think.
  • We would show up in the world in ways that feel congruent with who we know ourselves to be.
  • We might be able to advise others to find their own answers.
Can you imagine?