ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 12

I imagine a world in which we use our capacity to know beyond our intellect

So that…
  • We incorporate our intuition, emotional intelligence and somatic wisdom into how we know what we know.
  • Humans make wise decisions based on integrating all these ways of knowing.
  • We develop our capacity to cultivate collective intelligence.
Today we prize our brain as the ultimate source of knowing what we know.
Recent research has shown that our hearts and abdomen have neural networks that ultimately constitute a second and third ‘brain’.
We have been taught to distrust our emotions and even ‘emotional intelligence’ theory focuses on the importance of controlling our emotions and assumes they are inherently bad or not useful.
If we valued our capacity to know beyond our intellect, then…
  • We might trust our emotions and pay attention to their purpose.
  • We might listen to the wisdom of our bodies, stopping to rest before we get sick or injured.
  • We might find ways to make our many ways of knowing become the wisdom integral to solving the problems we face as individuals, families, communities, nations, and as human beings on Earth.
Can you imagine?