ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 3


I imagine a world in which we take responsibility for collective wellness.

So that…

• We see the role we all play in our collective health, from physical to community to planetary.

• We recognise the impact of our personal contribution to the macro and start by prioritising our personal wellbeing while giving care and attention to the big picture of wellness in our communities and on our planet. 

• We improve our personal and planetary health, through a commitment to personal and planetary healing, and a recognition that they are two sides of the same coin. 

• Hospitals and acute care centres a become an ever decreasing portion of the health care sector, where prevention and community cohesion are the focus. As a result, we see things like stress no longer being the cause of many diseases and illness in the way it is in our lives today. 

Currently, alcohol accounts for the vast majority of emergency room intakes. Our relationship with alcohol is a significant indicator of our collective un/wellness.

When police are called, more often than not, they need a neighbour more than anything, yet many of us don’t know the names of those who live next to us. This is an indication of the weak cohesion in our communities. Fear of our neighbours is perpetuated by the media, so why would we rely on people we are taught to be afraid of? 

A sense of belonging has been identified as a social determinant of health. When people feel part of a community, everyone wins. Isolation breeds social ills as well as poor health.  

If there was greater trust in our society, there might be more cohesion in our communities. This could generate improved health across our communities.  

If, we took responsibility for collective wellness, then we could realise levels of personal and planetary health that would allow for life as we know it to thrive beyond our imagination. As we heal ourselves, as we heal our communities, our nations heal, our planet heals.

Can you imagine?