ReWriting the World Blog Challenge Day 6

I imagine a world in which Vulnerability is embraced as a strength
  • So that we can ask for help without shame.
  • So that showing emotion is recognised as an important human trait that is normal and natural.
  • So that those who express emotion are respected and revered.
  • So that raising a new idea is met with encouragement and curiosity.
  • So that putting yourself out there as an artist, entrepreneur or free thinker isn’t so scary.

Currently, our society regards vulnerability as a weakness. This makes asking for help, posing new ideas, and creative expression seem difficult and scary things to do. This prevents people from working together, sharing ideas, and it limits our expression on so many levels. It limits our ability to be creative much less innovative, and our ability to create intimacy in the relationships that are important to us.

Currently, suicide kills more men under 45 than any other cause. Asking for help is a vulnerable experience.

Vulnerability takes courage.

If vulnerability was embraced as a strength, then we might have strong relationships with the people we care most about. We might feel more comfortable asking for and getting the help we need when we’re not feeling our best. We might challenge the way we’ve always done things and come up with creative solutions to wicked problems. We might feel the full extent of our humanity, amplifying our care factor and empathy for others.

Can you imagine?