reWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 19
I imagine a world in which creative expression brings everyday inspiration.
So that…
  • Children keep their creativity after age 12 and into the rest of their lives.
  • Those of us who live outside the lines or on the edges of ‘normal’ can live long, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.
  • The arts are valued for the important role they play in society and our artists are thriving members of our communities.
Today, between age 9 and 12 children begin to loose touch with their creative selves and learn to conform and ‘fit in’ to society. This is a tragic loss of creativity and expression, not to mention a sense of fulfilment.
Artists are stereotyped as poor, depressed or delusional in their fantastical view of the world. With creativity and artistic expression not being valued in our society, if I were an artist, I’d be pretty depressed too! The fact that art is more valued when the artist is dead is very telling.
If creative expression brought everyday inspiration, then …
  • Creative thinking enables solutions to wicked problems.
  • The arts are funded, integrated and honoured from both the past and contemporary times.
  • Those who think creatively and have talented creative expression are recognised as important contributing members of society.
Can you imagine?