reWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 20

I imagine a world in which empathy is ubiquitous so that…
  • Emotions are met with openness, curiosity and compassion.
  • Concerns and misgivings are aired and dealt with in an openhearted manner.
  • Edge dwellers are accepted for their eccentricity without judgement or social isolation.
Today we judge before seeking to understand. Many of our emotions go unexpressed and are associated with shame and fear. Our emotionally phobic culture validates our tendency to squelch our emotions and perpetuates social isolation, enforcing a rigid scope of ‘normalcy’.  Our frayed social fabric is marked by disconnection. When we pass judgement on the disaffected, it leads to social isolation and breeds contempt and unrest.
If empathy was ubiquitous then…
  • Emotional intelligence enables us to face our fears and embrace our joys, and to cultivate connection.
  • Our workplaces might be places people love to be because they can bring all of themselves to work and enable  their organisations thrive in these disruptive times.
  • We might have to repurpose our prisons because ‘acting out’ is met with curiosity and understanding instead of punishment.
  • Relationships between humans might generate deep mutual respect.