ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 14

I imagine a world in which we feel safe to express our whole selves.

So that…

Emotions are ok to express, valued, learned from and moved through rapidly.

Our silly side is welcomed and seen as appropriate in more circumstances.

Creativity is unleashed in every aspect of life.

Our current work culture is about bringing our professional selves to work at the expense of the rest of ourselves. This means our creativity, fun, and emotions are often put aside in favour of technical expertise.

When we go outside the narrow band of acceptable expression our sanity is questioned. If we’re too happy we must be on drugs. If we’re too angry, we’ve got anger management issues. If we’re too sad we’re given drugs to make it ok rather than deal with the sadness.

If we felt safe to express our whole selves, then … 
We might deal with the things that we find upsetting.
We might use our creativity in ways we can’t yet imagine.
We might live life more fully as self-expressed, whole human beings.
Can you imagine?