BONUS DAY 22 ReWrite the World Blog Challenge

I imagine a world in which leadership is human-centred.
So that….
  • Acts of leadership speak louder than positions of leadership.
  • Those we work for care about our wellbeing more than the bottom line.
  • Those who represent us in government are there to serve more than seek power and play political games.
  • Leadership skills are taught in schools to empower children to be sovereign over their own existence and to hold the collective well-being as paramount in decision making.
Today, leadership is as much a learned skill as it is a bestowed title.
  • Leaders in positions of power are not always well regarded, in politics, they are often criticised, with good reason, in business, it’s the same.
  • Young girls who exhibit leadership skills are called ‘bossy’.
  • Perhaps there are no ‘leaders’ only acts of leadership.
If leadership was human-centred then…
  • We might recognise the value of humanity as foundational in a technologically driven world.
  • Governance would deliver outstanding public value in support of a thriving society.
  • Companies demonstrate care and prioritise the growth and wellbeing of their people, inviting divergent thinking, and fostering environments that allow for organic innovation.
  • Children become responsible adults who have a strong sense of self and contribute wisdom to collective intelligence.
Can you imagine?