ReWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 15
I imagine a world in which people listen for understanding before agreement.
So that…
  • We take time to hear more fully to what’s being said, rather than thinking about if we agree or not.
  • Conversations are enjoyable and considerate, discussions are responsive to both the words and the unspoken.
  • Relationships focus on understanding and communities emphasise mutual respect.
Most of the time, in conversation we are thinking about if we agree and how we’ll respond rather than listening deeply. Rarely to we focus on if we understand fully before responding. Conversations are often fleeting and cursory.
If people listened for understanding before agreement, then
  • People might engage in meaningful conversations with greater depth.
  • Arguments might get resolved more easily and more often.
  • Communication between people might be a source of connection and foundational for the strength of our relationships.
  • Community cohesion enables better self-governance because people understand and respect each other.
Can you imagine?