You may have heard me talk about mentoring, especially if you’re a Tall Poppy Podcast Listener. It’s come up in quite a few episodes (Eps 4, 15, 22, 26). And it comes up in the work I do. Both as a consultant and in my current project with Enterprising Wyndham Vale. After I interviewed Claire Diaz Ortiz (Episode 26) about her book, she invited me to be part of the summit, and after a few delays (life happens!) it’s going live next week!

Claire’s interview with me about Mutual Mentoring is part of the Success Mentor Summit and goes to air on 7pm¬†September 6 ¬†EST, if you’re in the eastern part of North America, 4pm Sept 6 if you’re in Vancouver or the Western side of North America. For the Antipodeans, you can listen on September 7 at 9am.

It’s not a new idea that both parties benefit from a mentoring relationship, but today the context raises new issues. Those of us who have been around the block, we don’t necessarily relate to technology and the way the world is now in the same way as those who are starting out or earlier in their journey. If we can acknowledge that we can learn from others, it can also break down some of the barriers to asking for help.

I have resisted asking for help, and I talk about this in the interview with Claire. And if I knew that I had something to offer a potential mentor, it might be a bit easier to reach out to mentors. At the same time in my experience of mentoring others, especially as a facilitator, it can be incredibly rewarding.

We have a pretty skewed view of giving in our society. “It’s better to give than receive.” This is so deeply ingrained in our psyche’s even if we don’t whole-heartedly subscribe to the idea, it still influences us on some level.

Another one you may have heard is “You can’t give from an empty cup.” Some very wise words there. Have you ever felt a sense of deep satisfaction in helping someone? There are times that supporting others fills my cup, and I believe it’s important to balance self-care and being generous. Just last night at the session with the entrepreneurs in my program, talking about the business plans, even though it was late and I was tired, I could feel myself generating my words and the energy that came from giving of myself to the program participants. The fact that I get paid to do it aside, I love these kinds of conversations and I’m delighted that others can benefit from my experience.

To me that’s what being a mentor is about, helping others on their journey. And every time I do, I learn something, either from them directly or in the words that come out of my mouth that help me understand my own expertise.

I invite you to check out the Success Mentor Summit, there are lots of amazing guests sharing their experience and perspective on the topic. Each interview or panel is up and accessible for 24 hours, and if you want to listen at your leisure and have lifetime access, the early bird rate is only $77 USD, but depending on when you read this, it may have gone up. Any payment you do make to the Summit, part of it comes back to me to support the work I do. Thank you in advance for your support. And yes, click the red button in the image above to see what the heck I’m on about!

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