reWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 18
I imagine a world in which personal responsibility is common practice, so that…
  • Integrity is routine and a choice rather than an obligation
  • Transgressions are fleeting because they’re dealt with promptly
  • Parliamentary sessions discuss political matters respectfully and gain a deeper understanding of issues
Today our culture is rife with finger pointing, blame and deflection of responsibility.
Our political leaders, celebrities and even our justice system have questionable morality the way ‘being responsible’ is modelled for society.
According to Billboard Magazine, “It wasn’t me” by Shaggy was the first #1 song of the 21st century, released in 2000 and by the end of 2001 sold 1.15 million copies. An indication of how entrenched denial of responsibility despite evidence to the contrary is common practice. Our jails are full of people who have not taken responsibility for their actions.
If Personal responsibility was common practice, then…
  • We might have relationships that are based on mutual trust and honesty.
  • We might live lives that are based on being responsible for all the results we create.
  • Our communities might gravitate toward cooperation and collaboration.
  • Our society might develop self-governing systems that are built on trust, respect and advancing human potential.
Can you imagine?