reWrite the World Blog Challenge Day 16

I imagine a world in which we learn to ride the wave of disruptive innovation.
So that…
We start to catch up with technological change and innovation.
Technological change becomes driven by social and ecological values.
We own our unique human qualities while embracing the role of technology in our society.
Currently there is a lot of fear about technological change.
We forget that it’s humans that are creators of the change. We are the innovators yet the advances in technology seem to be based on what can be done without much regard for why or the implications.  Ethics and the consequences of technological advancement don’t often play a central role in the discussions that lead to new developments. It can feel as though we’re just caught up in a wave of disruptive technology.
If we learned to ride the wave of disruptive innovation, then we might find ourselves at the forefront of change rather than victims of it.
We might discover a vitality that is irreplaceable and distinguishes us from robots.
Society might advance into a technologically enhanced future while remaining deeply connected to our humanity.
Can you imagine?